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Connell McCarthy

Bringing a creative vision to every project.

Bio 01

Connell McCarthy, born in a town outside of Ottawa Canada, had a knack for game development by the young age of 14. From there he expanded to iPhone apps, web design & development and digital art by 15. Connell pursued his passion for web development and ended up launching Track Submit, a demo submission service for labels at the age of 16, which now has been used to review close to 150,000 submissions. His passion and skill for digital art gained special recognition from an independent record label in Waterloo called Monstercat. The label headhunted him at the age of 16 where he began to create unique artwork for the track releases. Upon graduation he was asked to move to Vancouver with the quickly growing Monstercat. Connell moved to Vancouver British Columbia at 17 and has worked full time for Monstercat as Head of Design ever since. He currently manages a team of graphic designers and oversees managerial practice of the art team. Embracing the beautiful landscape of British Columbia, Connell has become an avid photographer - growing into an influential Instagrammer of the Nature/Landscape category. He has been recognized by various companies and asked to take part in in several photography collaborations.

Connell is currently 20 years old and continues to pursue his passions of digital art, music, web design and photography in Vancouver.

Experience 02

For the past 4 years - I've been working with Monstercat, an independent electronic music record label / media company based in Vancouver, BC. Over the years I've grown to the Head of Design role where I now manage a team of 4 designers. The workload in which my department handles is incomparable to any other workload at an agency. With a demanding task of creating unique artwork and assets for 3 releases a week, alongside other internal projects and innovations, spearheading a team with such large tasks and short deadlines required me to quickly adapt to be an organized team leader.

Skillset 03

While my main skills are primarily in Design and now Photography, I have a variety of other skills that makes project execution more efficient. I have the capability to work with Audio after years of producing my own music and working with audio for videos. I have the knowledge of both front & back end web development and I’m fluent in video editing programs such as After Effects and Final Cut Pro, and I am now developing my skillset in cinematography.


I've put together a little collection of some of my favourite photographs from the past year or so.

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