Environmental Impact Promise

Much of my photography is based on my love of nature and the great outdoors. As such, it's a mission of mine to do what I can to protect our beautiful wilderness.

One Tree Planted partnership

In a small effort to help support the environment, I've partnered with One Tree Planted to assist in global reforestation projects. $10 from every print sold will go towards planting trees across the globe. According to One Tree Planted, each tree is $1, so for every print that you purchase 10 trees are planted.

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Hands holding a sprout of a new plant.
Certificate of authentication on the back of a photography print.

Paper Sourcing

My printers use Epson Photography Paper due to the unmatched quality, and their dedication to the environment. When it comes to procuring the paper, Epson has established a policy that:

  1. Makes effective use of used paper and other recyled pulp.
  2. When virgin is used as a raw material in paper goods they procure, they confirm its
    • legality
    • sustainability
    • chemical safety
    • environmental management

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Carbon-neutral deliveries

If you checkout with Shop Pay you can reduce the environmental impact of your deliveries for free. Every Shop Pay purchase removes carbon emissions from our atmosphere.

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An image looking up at the sky as an eagle flies overhead an old growth forest.
Forest glowing yellow at sunrise

Together we've planted


That's pretty incredible. Loss of forests contributes between 12 to 17 percent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions, so every little bit helps.

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