I was the worst when it came to sharing my work and the rationale behind it. In an attempt to be more transparent and to live up to the 'do things, tell people' motto, I started writing about my processes.

Meet POS Go

How we built the campaign for Shopify's most powerful, secure, and revolutionary mobile POS.

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My Home Office 2022

How my home office has changed one year later. The things I’ve kept, and the things I’ve swapped out.

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Shopify Inbox

How I used my passion projects to build powerful creative for Shopify Inbox.

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One Bill

Building an expense sharing app over the holidays, as a non-developer.

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My Home Office

Designing a productive space that’s conducive to creativity for both work, and personal projects.

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Making A Home

In the middle of a worldwide pandemic, we decided it was a good idea to buy a house.

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